Advanced Neurophysiotherapy Clinic

NovitaTech, Hindmarsh SA


Dr.Sam Darvishi || Founder&CEO



Practice Manager

Miranda Corbett

1300 266 316


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RehabSwift Advanced

Neuro-physiotherapy Clinic

NovitaTech Retail Store

31 Manton Street

Hindmarsh, SA   5007

Our flagship clinic opened on the 4th of July 2022, operating from the NovitaTech retail facility in Hindmarsh, South Australia. The facility is fully accessible, with customer parking, an onsite café and a wide range of innovative assistive technologies on show, staffed by NovitaTech.

The first cohort of clients began their neuro-physiotherapy rehabilitation program with Dr. Sam Darvishi and RehabSwift's Physiotherapist on opening day and we are enthusiastically pursuing our next round of clients to begin mid-late August for traditional physiotherapy in conjunction with our cutting edge neuro-feedback training. To complete the recommended number of sessions for optimal rehabilitation response, we offer a 6-8 week program consisting of 18 training sessions with a pre-assessment and post-assessment all spanning a duration of 1-2 hours each, with a maximum of 30 hours in total.

All of the sessions will take place in our Hindmarsh Clinic, conducted by our Physiotherapist who will create a program with you based on your goals, with further exercises to complete at home to solidify the newly gained fine motor skills.