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Stroke is a leading cause of long-term disability worldwide.


16 million stroke survivors suffer long-term hand disability even after undergoing standard therapy.


The annual medical cost of stroke in the USA,  Europe, and Australia is almost $100 billion.


RehabSwift is a stroke rehabilitation product built as a brain-computer interface. It detects the intention to move and then moves the target muscles via robotic hands.


RehabSwift leverages the neuroplasticity of the brain and rewires damaged neural pathways between the brain and muscles. 


More rapid  movement recovery after stroke


Movement recovery for non-respondent to standard therapy

Reduces cost

Saves time

This is the video shot by SciMex in August 2017, when the results of the proof-of- principle study were published in Royal Society Open Science.

This video was recorded by the Scope TV of Channel 11, which is CSIRO's educational program,  in January 2015, when RehabSwift's founder was conducting his PhD studies.


RehabSwift Pty Ltd is a spin-out of the University of Adelaide, based in Adelaide, South Australia. 


It aims to provide clinicians, physicians, and stroke survivors with a novel solution that fast-tracks movement recovery after stroke.


A stroke occurs when a blood vessel that carries oxygen and nutrients to the brain is either blocked by a clot or bursts (or ruptures).


RehabSwift is a turnkey solution that (i) records the electrical activity of the brain on the surface of the scalp; (ii) detects the intention to move using a novel machine learning algorithm; and (iii) transforms the captured intention into the actual movement via robotic hands.


In a proof of principle study, RehabSwift improved the hand motor function of a stroke survivor, who'd had a stroke 3.5 years prior to the study, by 36% after ten 30-minute therapy sessions.

RehabSwift are sponsoring clinical trials running by the University of Adelaide and Queen Elizabeth Hospital.



John B.

What I've  achieved with RehabSwift therapy in six weeks are just amazing!

Now,  I'm able to do things with my arm and hand I haven't been able to do for years. I can clap!

John D.

I used RehabSwift Therpay for recovery of my hand  that got affected by stroke ten years ago.  The neurofeedback training not only improved my hand movement , it also improved my walking and balance!

I recommend everyone using  RehabSwift Therapy and encourage it to be in every rehab centre across Australia and the world, because  anything that makes you more conscious about your limbs  can only be a plus!

Philippa M.

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